Caroeas Laundry Sorter, Laundry Hamper 3-Bag with Card Pocket & Leather Handle Waterproof Laundry Cart Collapsible Laundry Basket with Brake & Breathable Mesh Cover (Max 3 Layer,Beige)

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Product Description

A New version of Caroeas Rolling laundry basket.

Caroeas design 6 cards for various uses in the card pocket so the laundry bin become multi-functional, you to write on opposite side of card with color mark pen or put small stuff such as coins inside the pocket for convenience; Leather handle looks modern and luxury. It is fixed by button, you can take one side off, draw wheeled laundry basket easily with help of stretched handle; We use bigger wheels under the laundry bag so it’s higher when straightly stand. There’s a brake on one wheel to ensure safety; We strengthen the structure by using reinforced frame to fixing the whole item tightly, it’s much stable after fully assembled; Collapsible structure need simple steps to assemble and disassemble.