Hypo-allergenic Baby Head Shaping Pillowcase - Ultra Soft Fabric with Internal Seed Holding Cover and Central Zipper - Mustard or Flax Seed Filling

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This Hypo-allergenic Baby Head Shaping Pillowcase is available in an adorable circular shape that ensures safety of the newborns. It has no edges. To keep your baby safe from flat head syndrome this pillow case is a must buy. Being filled with a natural ingredient like mustard, which is believed to provide proper support and cushioning to the soft head of the babies. It is also believed that the mustard seeds are equipped with natural warming properties ensuring a proper cold free sleep. The mustard seeds adjust to the weight and shape of the head of the baby avoiding any jerks during travel. This remarkable and health beneficial Hypo-allergenic Baby Head Shaping Pillowcase is provided with an attractive and soft cover. The pillow and its case have been made from 100% pure cotton fabric with proper ventilation holes. To wash and refill the pillow a central zipper is provided for easy handling. To wash the cover you just have to slide open the zipper, uncover the pillow, wash the cover with some warm water and baby detergent to keep the pillow bacteria free. The zipper provided is strong enough to last for a long time. The strategically designed teeth of the zipper give you a smooth move. The pillow and its case are free from any harmful dyes or chemicals.