My Little North Star Organic Toddler Pillowcase - 100% Organic Cotton - Hypoallergenic Super Soft Safe and Comfortable - No Harsh Chemicals on Your Toddler’s Skin - Colorful Toys and Animals

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Product Description

Toddler Pillowcase Organic  Hypoallergenic  Comfortable - No Harsh Chemicals on Your Toddler’s Skin

My first organic toddler pillowcase

My Little North Star provides you the best organic toddler pillowcase, hypoallergenic and breathable, designed for toddlers ages 2-5.

Measurement 14x19 inch, Unisex design.

Made with much love and care, and with proper attention to small details; Envelope closure keeps your pillow from slipping out of the case, as safety and health is our top priority.

Using luxurious 200 thread count percale cotton; Machine washable on cold, with like colors, tumble dry on low heat if needed.

We use only organic cotton, the most delicate and pleasant-to-touch fabric. Never treated with any chemicals. No fungicides, no pesticides, no herbicides, no GMO’s.

Our adorable pillowcase is soft and comfortable; fits toddler/ travel pillows sized 13x18 inch.

No Harsh Chemicals on Your Toddler’s Skin - Toys

My Little North Star's toddler pillowcase is made of pure, natural 100% organic cotton. Here’s why:

Your toddler’s health - Your toddler’s health is our top priority. Conventional cotton contains numerous chemicals from the growing cycle - our organic cotton doesn’t.

Sustainability - We know what world we bring our loved ones to today, but we want to make sure that they can bring their kids to a healthy world as well. Conventional cotton is one of the world’s most widely grown as well as chemical-intensive crops. These chemicals badly affect soil, water, and air. Organic cotton is chemical free and sustainability friendly.

Softness - Organic cotton is the softest and most pleasant-to-touch fabric. We strive to provide our toddler-clients the best feeling and comfort, allow them to sleep peacefully, and provide peace of mind to their parents.

Peace of mind - Each ounce of cotton we use is purely organic, so we are 100% sure we can back our promise of zero chemicals on your toddler pillow cover.