ORANIFUL 22"x22" Pillow Inserts Set of 2 Square Throw Pillows Euro Decorative Cushion Inner Nonwovens Cover 3D Cotton Best Filling for Pillow of Couch/Bed/Indoor/Office 55cm x 55cm

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Size: 22"*22",2 pack

Imagine, you’re in your home now, where do you want to stay? Would you like to stand, or lie on bed all day long? Which place will release you from the daily burden of work? Couch? If you say so, you might care more about the comfort level of your throw pillow. More accurately, the pillow insert! ORANIFUL pillow insert, smart choice!

What’s the core of a nice pillow insert?
A nice pillow insert, will give you the wonderful support with the right cozy soft feeling. All this comes from the material and the craft of the filling. ORANIFUL pillow insert uses the North African lint cotton as the material of filling, combined with 3D fluffy plush manufacturing technology, to give you this cozy support nicely;
Still annoyed with the molded and itching pillow? Come and get your ORANIFUL pillow insert, 400GSM(GSM (also known as gm/2) = grams per square meter and is the metric measurement of the weight of a fabric.)thick Nonwoven cloth combined the super thin fiber & Modern weaving technology to achieve the relative resistance of dust mite, mold, and mildew in a Physical way; plus, this cloth keep the filling well enough so you can not find the filling escaping from the inner.

How to maintain:
We recommend that change the pillow insert at least one month a time for a longer using experience. You can left the pillow insert in the airy place, after 1 or 2 hours, you can collect and store them in a dry and clean place.

One chose, 2 pack,or 4 pack, there're 6 different sizes for choice:
16"x16"(0.55 LB/PCS),
18"x18"(0.66 LB/PCS),
20"x20"(0.88 LB/PCS),
22"x22"(0.99 LB/PCS),
24"x24"(1.2 LB/PCS),
26"x26"(1.4 LB/PCS),
Warning: Please order two inches up as the size decreasing 5%-15% after filling.Keep it away from fireplace and Candlestick, and other things that may lead it to burn!