Panku Sherpa Body Pillow Cover with Zipper Super Soft Comfy Pillow Case (21"X54", Baby Blue)

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Product Description

PANKU is a home textile designer and manufacturer, we have over 20 years of experience in the textile industry. We always insist on simple and practical design. Our mission is to bring a warm, cozy comfort to families all over the world. We’ve always tried to provide our comfortable products so that everyone can enjoy a sense of belonging and the feeling of security only being truly at home can bring. It’s important to us that you and your family have great options for whatever your budget allows.


Panku Sherpa body pillow cover is really fluffy extremely soft pillow covers. The fur is also very durable. Matches perfect with decor and great for cuddling with. It’s fun and cute. Many people buy this as a gift for your family or friends, and this pillow cover is obviously a very popular gift.

To keep the zipper safe, you can the cover back on itself, insert half the pillow, and pull the cover-up.

Care Instructions 1. Machine wash in cold temperature water 2. Do not iron, do not wring or twist 3. Do not use bleach to limit fading

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Material Sherpa Sherpa Fur Fur Sherpa Sherpa
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