PiccoCasa Body Pillow Cover Case Pillowcase, 100% Egyptian Cotton, 280 Thread Count, with Zipper Closure, Fits 20 x 54 Body Pillow, (21 x 55, Pink, 1-Piece)

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A Varied Colors and Sizes to Choise for Your Body Pillow

Are you warrying pillow slip out the case during the night ? This premium comfort body pillowcase by PiccoCasa is the solution! Zipper closure keeps the pillow stay in the pillowcase.

Your new premium comfort all cotton body pillowcase is not only durable, but also gives you all the comfort of the finest cotton sheets found in four and five star hotels around the world. We use the finest 60s long staple combed cotton at a high thread count so each thread is soft and durable.

Order one for every body pillow and start enjoying a more comfortable, durable, beautiful, and fully covered body pillow tonight! (Don't forget a spare for washing time!)