uxcell Travel Satin Pillowcase with Zipper, Super Soft and Luxury, Silky Pillow Cases Covers Set of 2, 14"x20", Grey

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satin pillowcase

Beauty sleep isn’t just about getting the recommended 7 to9 hours of shut eye — as depending on what you’re sleeping on, you may actually be damaging your hair, skin and eyelashes during the night break.

There are several beauty products that promise to work their magic while we sleep, but one tip we highly recommend is a silk satin pillowcase. These high-sheen fabrics can do wonders for both your hair, as well as your skin.Sleeping on the right pillowcase can mean the difference between that are healthy and shiny, or dull lax skin.

2 pack


Satin pillowcases are as beneficial to your complexion and hair as they are to your mind for a restful night’s sleep. The fabric also comes with other benefits that leave flannel and cotton cases in the dust.

2 pack

2 pcs

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satin pillowcase satin pillowcase satin pillowcase satin pillowcase
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Materials Satin Satin Satin Satin
Size Toddler(14*20inch) Body 20x48inch Body 20x48inch Boudoir(12x16inch)
Standard(20*26inch) Body 20x54inch Body 20x54inch Standard(20*26inch)
Queen(20*30inch) Body 20x60inch Body 20x60inch Queen(20*30inch)
King(20*36inch) Body 20x72inch Body 20x72inch King(20*36inch)
Available Colors 17 Colors 18 Colors 16 Colors 16 Colors